Modem, router unlock

The following list of modems and routers contains the unlockable models. For other unlockable models, please, select the menu named by the required manufacturer. Our online-unlock webstore is located at

Tip: Please, use the Find function of your browser (ex.: Ctrl F) and type the name of the model which you are looking for. If it is in the list then unlocking solution exists.

4G Systems XSStick W14, Alcatel L100 unlock, Alcatel L850 LTE unlock, Alcatel S220, Alcatel W800Z unlock, Alcatel X020, Alcatel X030, Alcatel X060, Alcatel X070, Alcatel X080, Alcatel X090, Alcatel X100, Alcatel X200, Alcatel X210, Alcatel X215, Alcatel X225, Alcatel X228, Alcatel X500 unlock, Alcatel X602D unlock, Amoi U2000+, Cinterion AC65, Cinterion AC65i, Cinterion AC75, Cinterion AC75i, Cinterion BGS3, Cinterion EES3, Cinterion EGS3, Cinterion EGS5, Cinterion HC25, Cinterion HC28, Cinterion MC35iT, Cinterion MC39i, Cinterion MC55i, Cinterion MC75i, Cinterion TC35iT, Cinterion TC63i, Cinterion TC65T, Cinterion TC65i, Cinterion XT65, Cinterion XT75, Dell 5510, Huawei B115, Huawei B153, Huawei B200, Huawei B220, Huawei B260, Huawei B560, Huawei B593U-12 unlock, Huawei B660, Huawei B683 unlock, Huawei B683U unlock, Huawei B932, Huawei B932, Huawei B933, Huawei B970 unlock, Huawei B970b unlock, Huawei D01HW, Huawei D02HW, Huawei D03HW, Huawei D21HW, Huawei D22HW, Huawei D23HW, Huawei D24HW, Huawei D26HW, Huawei D31HW, Huawei E1152, Huawei E122, Huawei E150, Huawei E153, Huawei E153Eu-1, Huawei E155, Huawei E1550, Huawei E1552, Huawei E1553, Huawei E1556, Huawei E156, Huawei E157, Huawei E158, Huawei E160, Huawei E1609, Huawei E161, Huawei E1612, Huawei E1615, Huawei E1616, Huawei E1630, Huawei E1632, Huawei E166, Huawei E169, Huawei E1690, Huawei E1691, Huawei E1692, Huawei E170, Huawei E171, Huawei E172, Huawei E173, Huawei E1731, Huawei E1732, Huawei E173Bu-1, Huawei E173Eu-1, Huawei E175, Huawei E1750, Huawei E1750c, Huawei E1752 unlock, Huawei E1756, Huawei E176, Huawei E1762, Huawei E177, Huawei E1780, Huawei E1782, Huawei E1786, Huawei E1790, Huawei E180, Huawei E1800, Huawei E1803, Huawei E1808, Huawei E180G, Huawei E180S, Huawei E180V, Huawei E181, Huawei E182, Huawei E1820 unlock, Huawei E1823, Huawei E182E, Huawei E1831, Huawei E188, Huawei E192, Huawei E196, Huawei E2010 football, Huawei E216, Huawei E219, Huawei E220, Huawei E226, Huawei E230, Huawei E261, Huawei E270+, Huawei E270, Huawei E271, Huawei E272 unlock, Huawei E303 HiLink, Huawei E303s unlock, Huawei E3121, Huawei E3131, Huawei E3131AS unlock, Huawei E3131AS-2 unlock, Huawei E3131S-2 unlock, Huawei E3231 HiLink, Huawei E3251 HiLink, Huawei E3272 unlock, Huawei E3276 unlock, Huawei E3372 unlock, Huawei E3526 HiLink, Huawei E352S-56 unlock, Huawei E353 HiLink, Huawei E353, Huawei E355, Huawei E357, Huawei E359, Huawei E359, Huawei E366, Huawei E367, Huawei E367U-2 E367-U2 unlock, Huawei E368, Huawei E369 HiMini, Huawei E372, Huawei E372U-8 unlock, Huawei E392 unlock, Huawei E397, Huawei E398 unlock, Huawei E398U-1 unlock, Huawei E510, Huawei E5220 unlock, Huawei E5331, Huawei E5332, Huawei E5372 unlock, Huawei E5377 unlock, Huawei E560, Huawei E5756, Huawei E5776S unlock, Huawei E5830S, Huawei E5832, Huawei E5832S, Huawei E5836, Huawei E5838, Huawei E585, Huawei E5857, Huawei E585U-82, Huawei E586, Huawei E587 unlock, Huawei E589, Huawei E600, Huawei E612, Huawei E618, Huawei E620 unlock, Huawei E630 unlock, Huawei E630+, Huawei E660, Huawei E660A, Huawei E800, Huawei E827, Huawei E870, Huawei E880, Huawei E881, Huawei E881e, Huawei E932, Huawei E933, Huawei E960, Huawei E968, Huawei E970 unlock, Huawei EG162, Huawei EG162G, Huawei EG602, Huawei EG602G, Huawei EM770, Huawei EM775, Huawei EM820U, Huawei EM920, Huawei HW-01C, Huawei K3520, Huawei K3565, Huawei K3715, Huawei K3765, Huawei K3770, Huawei K3771, Huawei K3772 unlock, Huawei K3806, Huawei K4203 unlock, Huawei K4505, Huawei K4510, Huawei K4511, Huawei K4605 unlock, Huawei Momodesign MD-@ HSUPA, Huawei R201, Huawei R205, Huawei R206 unlock, Huawei R207, Huawei R208, Huawei R210, Huawei S4011, Huawei UMG1691, Huawei UMG181, Huawei UMG1831, Huawei UMG366, Longcheer WM610, Longcheer WM66, Longcheer WM66A, Longcheer WM71, Longcheer WM72, Maxon BP3-EXT, Maxon BigPond BP3-USB, Maxon Telstra turbo USB3-8521, Merlin C777, Merlin EX720, Merlin Expedite E725, Merlin Expedite E760, Merlin Expedite E960, Merlin Expedite E970, Merlin Expedite EU740, Merlin Expedite EU850D, Merlin Expedite EU860D, Merlin Expedite EU870D, Merlin PC720, Merlin U530, Merlin U630, Merlin U730, Merlin U740, Merlin X720, Merlin X950D, Merlin XU870, Merlin XV620, Micromax MMX610U, Momodesign MD-@ ARANCIO, Momodesign MD-@ GIALLA, Momodesign MD-@ Rossa, MyWawe Momodesign MD-@ Revo, Novatel MiFi 2352, Novatel MiFi 2372, Novatel MiFi 3352, Novatel MiFi 4620L, Novatel Ovation MC545, Novatel Ovation MC547, Novatel Ovation MC679, Novatel Ovation MC727, Novatel Ovation MC760, Novatel Ovation MC930D, Novatel Ovation MC935D, Novatel Ovation MC950D, Novatel Ovation MC990D, Novatel Ovation MC996D, Novatel Ovation MC998D, Novatel Ovation MCD3000, Novatel Ovation U720, Novatel Ovation U727, Novatel Ovation U760, O2 Surfstick, Onda M1HS, Onda MDC502HS, Onda MSA110UP, Onda MSA405HS, Onda MSA501HS, Onda MSA523HS, Option GTmax 3.6 Express, Option GlobeSurfer iCON 7.2, Option GlobeSurfer iCON, Option GlobeTrotter 3G Fusion Quad Lite, Option GlobeTrotter 3G Fusion, Option GlobeTrotter 3G Quad, Option GlobeTrotter 3G+ Fusion, Option GlobeTrotter 3G+ HSDPA, Option GlobeTrotter 3G+, Option GlobeTrotter EDGE Combo, Option GlobeTrotter EDGE, Option GlobeTrotter Express 7.2 GE0201, Option GlobeTrotter Express HSUPA GE0301, Option GlobeTrotter Express ULTRA GE0302, Option GlobeTrotter Fusion+, Option GlobeTrotter Fusion, Option GlobeTrotter GPRS, Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX 3.6, Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX 7.2, Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX E, Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX HSUPA GX0301, Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX W, Option GlobeTrotter GT ULTRA GX0302, Option GlobeTrotter GTM351E, Option GlobeTrotter GTM353W, Option GlobeTrotter GTM378, Option GlobeTrotter GTM380, Option GlobeTrotter GTM382, Option GlobeTrotter HSDPA 7.2 GT0201, Option GlobeTrotter HSDPA 7.2 GT0202, Option iCON 210 GI0210, Option iCON 225 GI0225, Option iCON 401 GI0401, Option iCON 431 GI0431, Option iCON 451 GI0451, Option iCON 452, Option iCON 461 GI0461, Pantech UMW190, Rogers LTE Rocket, Siemens AC45, Siemens AC65, Siemens AC75, Siemens ES75, Siemens ES76, Siemens HC15, Siemens HC25, Siemens MC35i, Siemens MC39i, Siemens MC55, Siemens MC56, Siemens MC75, Siemens TC35i, Siemens TC35iT, Siemens TC63, Siemens TC65, Siemens TC65T, Siemens XT55, Siemens XT56, Siemens XT65, Siemens XT75, Sierra Wireless Aircard 312U, Sierra Wireless Aircard 313U, Sierra Wireless Aircard 319U, Sierra Wireless Aircard 320U, Sierra Wireless Aircard 330U, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC501, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC503, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC753s, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC754s, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC760s, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC763s, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC850, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC860, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC875, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC875u, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC880, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC880e, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC880u, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC881, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC881e, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC881u, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC885 Compass, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC888 Compass, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC889 Compass, Sierra Wireless Aircard AC890, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 301, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 302, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 305, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 306, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 307, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 308, Sierra Wireless Aircard USB 309, Sierra Wireless MC8700, Sierra Wireless MC8705, Sierra Wireless MC8755, Sierra Wireless MC8765, Sierra Wireless MC8775, Sierra Wireless MC8780, Sierra Wireless MC8781, Sierra Wireless MC8785, Sierra Wireless MC8790, Sierra Wireless MC8790v, Sierra Wireless MC8801, Softbank 005HW, Softbank AP01HW, T-Mobile 4G Stick L100 unlock, T-Mobile 4G Stick unlock, T-Mobile 530, T-Mobile Broadband Stick unlock, T-Mobile Hotspot 5776 unlock, T-Mobile Hotspot, T-Mobile Jet 2.0, T-Mobile web'n'walk USB stick 7.2, T-Mobile web'n'walk USB stick IV, T-Mobile web'n'walk USB stick V, T-Mobile web'n'walk box IV unlock, Vodafone E172, Vodafone E220, Vodafone E272 unlock, Vodafone E3515, Vodafone E3735, Vodafone E630 unlock, Vodafone E870, Vodafone K2525, Vodafone K2540, Vodafone K3250, Vodafone K3515, Vodafone K3520, Vodafone K3520-Z K3520Z, Vodafone K3565, Vodafone K3565-Z K3565Z unlock, Vodafone K3570-Z K3570Z, Vodafone K3571-Z K3571Z, Vodafone K3715, Vodafone K3765, Vodafone K3765-Z K3765Z, Vodafone K3770, Vodafone K3771, Vodafone K3772 K3772H unlock, Vodafone K3772-Z K3772Z unlock, Vodafone K3805-Z K3805Z, Vodafone K3806, Vodafone K3806-Z K3806Z, Vodafone K4203 unlock, Vodafone K4505, Vodafone K4505-Z K4505Z, Vodafone K4510 K4510H, Vodafone K4510-Z K4510Z unlock, Vodafone K4511, Vodafone K4605 unlock, Vodafone K5005, Vodafone K5006-Z K5006Z, Vodafone Option GE0301, Vodafone R201, Vodafone R203 unlock, Vodafone R205, Vodafone R206 unlock, Vodafone R208 unlock, Vodafone R210, ZTE AC30pic, ZTE Aiko 82D, ZTE K3520-Z K3520Z, ZTE K3565-Z K3565Z, ZTE K3570-Z K3570Z, ZTE K3571-Z K3571Z, ZTE K3765-Z K3765Z, ZTE K3770-Z K3770Z, ZTE K3772-Z K3772Z, ZTE K3805-Z K3805Z, ZTE K3806-Z K3806Z, ZTE K4505-Z K4505Z, ZTE K4510-Z K4510Z unlock, ZTE K5006-Z K5006Z, ZTE MF100, ZTE MF102, ZTE MF110, ZTE MF112, ZTE MF150, ZTE MF170, ZTE MF180, ZTE MF186, ZTE MF190+, ZTE MF190, ZTE MF190A, ZTE MF190B, ZTE MF190J, ZTE MF192+, ZTE MF192, ZTE MF193, ZTE MF195 unlock, ZTE MF195E unlock, ZTE MF200, ZTE MF210, ZTE MF30, ZTE MF330, ZTE MF332, ZTE MF335, ZTE MF51, ZTE MF591, ZTE MF60, ZTE MF61, ZTE MF616, ZTE MF62, ZTE MF620, ZTE MF622+, ZTE MF622, ZTE MF626, ZTE MF626i, ZTE MF627, ZTE MF628+, ZTE MF628, ZTE MF630, ZTE MF631, ZTE MF632, ZTE MF633+, ZTE MF633, ZTE MF635, ZTE MF636, ZTE MF637, ZTE MF637U, ZTE MF639, ZTE MF645, ZTE MF65 unlock, ZTE MF652, ZTE MF656, ZTE MF658, ZTE MF660, ZTE MF660B, ZTE MF662, ZTE MF665C, ZTE MF665E, ZTE MF665K, ZTE MF667 unlock, ZTE MF668, ZTE MF668A, ZTE MF669T unlock, ZTE MF680 unlock, ZTE MF683, ZTE MF691, ZTE MF70, ZTE MF80, ZTE MF820 unlock, ZTE MF821 unlock, ZTE MF823, ZTE MF880, ZTE MF91, ZTE MF93, ZTE Momodesign MD-@ Mini, ZTE Momodesign MD-@ PLUS, ZTE PHS300, ZTE R203-Z unlock, ZTE WebPocket 21.6,

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